Live Online Classes & Tutoring


Here is the checklist to get all set up:

  1. Make sure your browser is set up to display mathematical and scientific symbols correctly such as these: π, ∠, √ and ≅.
  2. Obtain a headset (headphone and microphone unit) with echo/noise cancellation that looks something like this: /images/headset.jpg (Speakers, webcam microphones and headsets lacking echo/noise cancellation are not recommended.)
  3. Create an account here. Use the invitation code abc123.
  4. Sign in to be taken to your personal My Phil4 page.
  5. Click on the Classroom link at the top of your My Phil4 page to launch an application that allows you to enter the virtual classroom.
  6. In the virtual classroom, run the Audio Wizard to configure your headset. The Audio Wizard can be found from the top menu bar of the virtual classroom as shown here: /images/audio_wizard.jpg
  7. Familiarize yourself with the books here. The first book for every class is the main textbook for that class. Also, familiarize yourself with the videos here.

Send an email to if you have any questions.